1. Impossible/Possible Situation(s)

  2. Live: This Is Going To Hurt

  3. Live: at UNFEST

  4. Hayesville Sessions

  5. Live at the 23rd Olympia Experimental Music Festival

  6. At: The Chapel
    Eveline Müller, Greg Kelley, Uneasy Chairs

  7. Live at Sound(s) for the Curious no.1

  8. Stolen Flowers

  9. Diagram(s): Live in Columbia City

  10. Live: Clifford Dunn & Uneasy Chairs
    Clifford Dunn, Uneasy Chairs

  11. Live: Indoor Cubist Blues

  12. At: Father Daughter no.14

  13. Young, Lazar & Chairs
    Andrew Scott Young, Justin Lazar, Uneasy Chairs

  14. Busk 2
    Patrick Neill Gundran

  15. At: The Chapel
    Clifford Dunn, Uneasy Chairs

  16. Live: At The Karate Church

  17. Live: At Lucky Liquor

  18. Sunday: Explosions

  19. At The Light Rail Again

  20. Live At The Royal Room: Again

  21. With: Eveline Müller & Greg Kelley
    Uneasy Chairs, Eveline Müller, Greg Kelley

  22. Live: In SODO

  23. Live: At Cafe Racer

  24. With: Andrew Scott Young
    Uneasy Chairs, Andrew Scott Young

  25. Live In Beacon Hill

  26. Live at The Royal Room vol.2
    Uneasy Chairs, Wilson Shook, rEEk, Kole Galbraith

  27. With: Eveline Müller
    Uneasy Chairs, Eveline Müller

  28. With: Kole Galbraith
    Uneasy Chairs, Kole Galbraith

  29. At: The Waypost
    Uneasy Chairs, Kole Galbraith

  30. At: Cornish College
    Uneasy Chairs, Blake DeGraw, Marie Takahashi, Jeff Johnson

  31. With: Vanessa Skantze, Chad Allen and Justin Smith

  32. Live at Le Voyeur

  33. Live at IN the Noise 2

  34. Oregon Trails

  35. Busk 1
    Patrick Neill Gundran

  36. Live at The Royal Room

  37. With: Adam Levitt & Vanessa Skantze
    Uneasy Chairs, Adam Levitt, Vanessa Skantze

  38. At Freeway Park
    Ryosuke Kiyasu, Various

  39. Uneasy Chairs/noisepoetnobody

  40. Live at Alice Coltrane Memorial Coliseum

  41. Alone at Gallery 1412

  42. Live at the 22nd Olympia Experimental Music Festival
    Derek M. Johnson, Uneasy Chairs

  43. Wilson Shook/Kate Olson/Uneasy Chairs
    Wilson Shook, Kate Olson, Uneasy Chairs

  44. Live at LoFi

  45. With Wilson Shook
    Wilson Shook, Uneasy Chairs

  46. Other Planes

  47. Super Black Tara Mantra

  48. Live at Teatro de la Psychomachia

  49. Live at NorCal Noisefest 2015

  50. With: Horridus

  51. Live on What's This Called?

  52. PF⚡UC live at (((Occult Sciences))) no.5
    PRISONFOOD, Uneasy Chairs

  53. With Kate Olson: Live at (((Occult Sciences))) no. 4
    Kate Olson, Uneasy Chairs

  54. (((Dave Grohl))): live at The Living Ro-Om
    (((Dave Grohl)))

  55. Everything You Need to Know About Nothing You Need to Know About

  56. With: Pink Void
    Pink Void, Uneasy Chairs

  57. Live at Bob's Java Jive

  58. Free Improvised Lunch no.6

  59. Free Improvised Lunch no.5

  60. Live at (((Occult Sciences))) no.2 with Wilson Shook
    Uneasy Chairs, Wilson Shook

  61. Kirkland

  62. Free Improvised Lunch no.4

  63. Free Improvised Lunch no.3

  64. With Kate Olson
    Uneasy Chairs, Kate Olson

  65. Free Improvised Lunch no.2

  66. Free Improvised Lunch no.1

  67. Chronic Power Ghosting

  68. WWWW live at Squall

  69. Condo Death

  70. Awesome Free Rocker: Sin:Ned & Uneasy Chairs
    Sin:Ned, Uneasy Chairs

  71. Live At Deadbeat Olympia

  72. Live at Plew's Brews

  73. On Sonarchy Radio

  74. Chinese Noise on Noise No Noise

  75. Alexander Hamilton

  76. Live at Gallery 1412 (1.24.15)

  77. Shadows I and II

  78. Black Box

  79. Li Jianhong/Uneasy Chairs
    Li Jianhong, Uneasy Chairs

  80. Central District Noise Freeze
    Wilson Shook & Uneasy Chairs

  81. With: Wilson Shook
    Wilson Shook, Uneasy Chairs

  82. Wilson Shook/The Rolling Blackouts/Plancklength/Walrus Machine: Live at Hollow Earth Radio
    Wilson Shook, The Rolling Blackouts, Plancklength, Walrus Machine

  83. Live at PENT UP FEST
    Uneasy Chairs, Edo Destruction

  84. Exquisite Corpse Flower
    Uneasy Chairs, Edo Destruction

  85. Carpet Bomb

  86. Live at Josephine 10/10/14

  87. Live at Circular Noise
    Uneasy Chairs, Sickletree, Lightning Kills Eagle, Pink Void, Blake DeGraw, Hanford

  88. Withering of Light/Uneasy Chairs: Live at Lovecraft
    Uneasy Chairs, Withering Of LIght

  89. End Times

  90. Live at Junction: West Seattle Noise Colonization

  91. Live at JUNCTION: West Seattle Noise Invasion

  92. Live at LA-Z-NOISE

  93. Uneasy Chairs live at Squall

  94. Live at Terminal

  95. Puget Sound


Uneasy Chairs Seattle, Washington

Uneasy Chairs is Patrick Neill Gundran

Improvised Sound

Performs solo and in collaborations frequently, with enthusiasm.

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